EAN Barcode India

When it comes to managing products or services in a retail operation, barcodes play a vital role. The assimilation of European Article Number (EAN) barcodes into the Indian business ecosystem is a distinct manifestation of that. This essay uncovers the process of buying EAN Barcodes in India and reasons why this can unlock business potential for those involved in the retail sector.

What are EAN Barcodes?

EAN Barcodes, or European Article Number Barcodes, are standardized barcodes used worldwide for the identification of trade items. These barcodes originally took form in Europe but are now globally recognized. EAN barcodes exist in two primary formats: EAN-13 and EAN-8, which have 13 and 8 digits, respectively.

Importance of EAN Barcodes in the Retail Sector

Indian business entities can utilize EAN barcodes to facilitate tracking, inventory management, and data procurement. Integrating EAN Barcode India within their business structure can yield several benefits, such as improved accuracy, operating efficiency, and speedier checkouts. In addition, having unique EANs assures customers of product authenticity, thereby enhancing customer trust.

Process of Buying EAN Barcodes in India

Buying EAN Barcodes in India is a simple yet essential task for any business in the retail sector. Here’s how:

Step 1: Evaluation

Before buying barcodes, it’s crucial for businesses to evaluate their needs based on the range and type of products they offer.

Step 2: Applying to GS1 India

To get EAN Barcodes, businesses need to apply to GS1 India, the only authorized body in India providing EAN barcodes. The application process involves filling an application form and submitting the requisite documents and fees.

Step 3: Payment

The payment structure is based on the company’s annual turnover and the amount of EAN barcodes required. It includes a registration fee and an annual membership renewal fee.

Step 4: Generation of Barcodes

Once the application is processed, GS1 India generates and assigns a company prefix. Then, the company can create its respective product barcodes using this prefix.

Bear in Mind: Legal and Ethical Considerations

Businesses should ensure they are using EAN barcodes ethically and legally. Misuse of barcodes, such as duplicating or altering, can lead to serious legal repercussions and loss of trust amongst consumers and other stakeholders.

The Potential Unlock: EAN Barcodes and Business Growth

Incorporating EAN Barcodes in the business process can open up international markets for Indian businesses. Since EAN Barcodes are globally recognized, Indian products carrying these barcodes can easily penetrate and get accepted in foreign markets.

Moreover, as the world becomes more digital, EAN barcodes enable businesses to stay updated with technological advancements. Embracing such technologies can optimize business operations, reduce errors, and save costs, eventually catalyzing business growth.


In a rapidly digitizing world, buy barcodes have become an integral part of the retail sector. They are relatively easy to obtain for businesses based in India and offer significant benefits, especially for those looking to garner an international presence. Therefore, buying and implementing EAN Barcodes effectively can truly unlock the business potential for Indian companies in the retail sector.

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