Dermatologist-Approved Procedures for Melasma Removal
Dermatologist-Approved Procedures for Melasma Removal


Melasma is a skin disorder largely affecting women. Hormonal fluctuations and genetic predisposition can cause dark spots and patches on the face. Though it is not physically harmful but this condition can significantly change the appearance of an individual. As beauty and confidence go hand in hand, melasma also dismantles self-esteem and confidence. Melasma removal in Islamabad embodies your quest for flawless and charming skin.

What is Melasma, and How Does Melasma Look Like?

It is a skin condition and appears in the shape of dark brown, light brown, and blue-grey patches on the skin surface, especially on the cheeks, forehead, and upper lips. It is also called a mask of pregnancy because it mostly appears on pregnant women. These borderless patches on the face are not physically harmful but can lead to poor quality of life and impact psychologically.

Melasma Removal in Islamabad: Causes

  • Hormonal Fluctuation
  • Genetics
  • Cosmetic Products
  • Excessive Sun Exposure
  • Thyroid Dysfunction
  • Contraceptive Therapy
  • Phototoxic Drugs
  • Scented Soaps
  • Tanning Beds

Dermatologist-Approved Procedures for Melasma Removal:

Tropical Treatments:

Dermatologists begin with tropical treatment as it is deemed secure, safe, and productive. Topical treatment includes the use of hydroquinone, retinoids, corticosteroids, and vitamin C serums. These treatments inhibit or lower melanin production in the body, such as hydroquinone, a skin-lightening agent. It halts melanin growth and vitamin C serums, which reduce melanin production. Furthermore, retinoids exfoliate the outer layer of the skin and promote cellular activity, leading to the development of new skin cells.

Chemical Peels:

Dermatologists also use a medium-depth chemical solution for melasma removal in Islamabad. This chemical consists of glycolic acid and trichloroacetic acid. This solution is applied to the skin to treat melasma. This specific chemical penetrates deeper into the skin and offers more effective results as it eliminates excess melanin, which is responsible for the appearance of dark patches.


This is a non-surgical procedure that utilizes a specific device to remove the outer layer of the skin. As the top layer of the skin is exfoliated, dark patches are removed automatically. If you are afraid of surgical procedures to treat this condition, this non-invasive treatment suits you. It also stimulates collagen production and promotes the growth of new skin cells, leading to a glowing and radiant complexion.

Laser Therapy:

A specific laser device is used to break down excess melanin. This laser emits focused beams of light that precisely target excess melanin and produce desired results. This is the most advanced procedure as it is not harmful in the first place and, secondly, quick and does not even damage neighboring skin cells. Different types of lasers are used based on an individual’s skin condition to address melasma.

Fractional Radiofrequency:

The use of fractional radiofrequency is also common to address dark patches on the skin. Radiofrequency energy creates micro-injuries on the skin, stimulates collagen production, and eliminates pigmented cells. This procedure is minimally invasive that not only vanishes spots from the skin but also improves skin texture and tone, leading to a youthful appearance.

Is Melasma permanent?

Normally, it is considered a chronic disorder as it is long-lasting. But melasma removal in Islamabad can address this issue timely and reinstate the skin glow shortly after treating these dark and irregular spots. But in several situations, it can be temporary, such as during pregnancy.

How Much Does Melasma Removal Cost in Islamabad?

An estimated cost for melasma treatment in Islamabad ranges from PKR to PKR. But largely, the cost depends on the type of treatment, skin situation, the severity of the condition, and the extent of the treatment. The clinicโ€™s location and the experience of a dermatologist may also influence the overall cost.

Follow-Up Treatments:

  • Apply gentle and soothing and avoid harsh skincare products to foster the healing process
  • Use sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays
  • Limit your direct sun exposure as it could worsen the situation
  • Do not scratch or peel your skin
  • Schedule regular meetings with your practitioner

All Summed Up!

Melasma Removal in Islamabad Improves your skinโ€™s texture and glow. If you are experiencing melasma and it is disturbing your life, then several procedures are there to address this condition. These procedures include chemical peels, topical treatments, laser therapy, microdermabrasion, etc.

Dermatologists at SKN Cosmetics Islamabad offer numerous effective and feasible melasma removal treatments. Do not let this condition overcome your happiness and craze for an exciting life! Visit SKN Cosmetics Islamabad and discover the glow of your skin.

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